Antique Home Specialists


We Know Antiques

Our knowledge for antique homes runs deep—it even runs in the family. Laurie's husband, Jon Detwiler of Buttonwood Renovations, specializes in consult, remodeling, and restoring homes. We know the questions to ask, what to look out for, and what know-how to provide when owning an antique home. And if a project comes along, we've got the expert to call.

Together, we have been fortunate to be involved many of these special and historic properties in the area for over 30 years.


Why Buy an Antique?

Not only do these significant, historic homes offer the quintessential South Shore charm, the quality of materials and craftsmanship of a home built 200 years ago is unmatched. Although buying an antique can seem intimidating, The Laurie Detwiler Team takes the mystery out of buying or selling an antique home.

Work With Us

We have found and sold homes for our clients all over the South Shore, and we want to share our experience and expertise with you. Whether you're a local looking to make a change, a transplant seeking your new community, or a resourceful investor looking for your new venture, we've got your back.

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